Convincing Young Employees that Hourly Is as Good as Salaried

Focus on career development to keep emerging adults engaged Before she discovered a passion for HR, Jennifer Colclazier worked for eight years in various administrative roles with a small Midwestern company. In those jobs, she had many HR-based responsibilities, including interviewing and coordinating performance reviews. So when she decided a … [Read more...]

Reducing New Employee Turnover Among Emerging Adults

Ann graduated from Robert Morris University in Chicago with a bachelor's degree in law office management in 2013, and when she landed her first job with a midsize law firm, she was excited about her new career. But when Ann (not her real name) arrived the first day, it was obvious that the partners hadn’t given much thought to the role of their … [Read more...]

Managing the Challenge of Constant Feedback with Emerging Adult Employees

Feedback is important to every generation, but the need for constant feedback is associated with Millennials. As digital natives, they are accustomed to getting immediate responses and unfettered access. Millennials’ need for feedback may also be attributed to emerging adulthood, a new and prolonged transitional life stage (occurring between the … [Read more...]

What Emerging Adults Want In a Job: 9 Key Requirements

Lauren Graves’ career reads like a page from the emerging adult playbook. She became an HR director at 27, but she took a circuitous route to get there. Like many emerging adults (EAs), she zigzagged her way through the job market, exploring her options and capitalizing on opportunities. “Each time I changed jobs, it was because I wanted to … [Read more...]