Arlene’s interview on The Underemployed Life

010Arlene was recently interviewed by “The Underemployed Life“, where she talks about the benefits of job hopping, being resilient, and social media’s role in finding a good job.

The Underemployed Life: You offer career and psychological counseling through your practice. What are some of the psychological effects of underemployment you see in your clients?

Arlene Hirsch: There is often a lack of a sense of self-efficacy. People who are underemployed are often afraid to hope for something because they aren’t confident that they can achieve what they want. If they make an effort, and that effort fails, they easily lose hope and give up.

TUL: Do you think they’re giving up too easily is related to an absence of support from friends and family or more from a lack of confidence they can navigate the job market?

AH: I would say both. When parents are supportive it helps boost their confidence. Teachers, coaches and mentors can also play key roles. Coaches are particularly helpful because they are part cheerleader and part skill builder.

Millennials are very close to their parents and really look to their parents to be encouraging. When parents are discouraging they often lack the courage of their own convictions.

TUL: In your opinion, what prevents people from finding meaningful employment?

AH: The word “meaningful” is important. Often people aren’t sure what would be meaningful to them. This is particularly true, I think, for people who aren’t interested in business careers. It seems that many “fall into” jobs that they don’t want or like because they think that’s all they can get or else they don’t know “what’s out there?”

a job search is, by definition, uncomfortable. If you try to avoid the discomfort you can’t really engage in the process.

TUL: Do you think our high schools and colleges are doing enough to prepare students for “what’s out there?”

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