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Books by Arlene S. Hirsch

A licensed clinical, professional counselor who specializes in career/vocational counseling , Arlene regularly publishes articles, appears in the media, and is the author of four best-selling career books.

Wall Street Journal Guide to Interviewing

Tips and techniques to take charge of any interview are in The Wall Street Journal Premier Guide to Interviewing.

Know what to say in an interview–and how to say it. This guide will lead you step-by-step through every phase of an interview, from preparation to follow-up. Anticipate, plan, and present great responses to all questions, from the routine to the unexpected. You’ll learn the steps you must take to interview successfully and get the job you want. Handle even the toughest interview situations confidently and securely. This essential reference covers it all.

Get the Wall Street Journal Premier Guide to Interviewing by Arlene Hirsch (National Business Employment Weekly Career Guides)

Wall Street Journal - Interviewing

Job Search and Career Checklists

Gain immediate confidence by following “to do” checklists. Gain time to concentrate on important skills and tasks such as networking and interviewing. Whether starting  a new career or analyzing present job progress, use this book for assessing needs, gaining confidence in all job-hunting tasks that need to be accomplished, initiating job search, improving current jobs, and exploring career options. Click here to get Job Search and Career Checklists.

How To Be Happy At Work: A Practical Guide to Career Satisfaction

Whether you are choosing your first career, rethinking the choices you made years before, or deciding how to spend pre- and post-retirement years, the right choices can make all the difference. Includes helpful real-life stories. Click here to purchase How to Be Happy at Work: A Practical Guide to Career Satisfaction.

The book covers psychological challenges that need to be addressed and resolved, alternative work styles and schedules, midlife career transitions, career security, business ethics, quitting a job, balancing work and personal life, and starting a business.

Love Your Work and Success Will Follow

Love Your Work and Success Will Follow

Written by career counselor and psychotherapist Arlene Hirsch, Love Your Work and Success Will Follow provides a powerful mix of practical tips, probing self-quizzes, and pure inspiration for overcoming the most common obstacles to career fulfillment, including dealing with a difficult boss, burnout, changing careers, balancing career and family, and more.

Describes positive ways to create a career that lives up to your dreams. Offers practical tips on how to make a bad job situation bearable. Outlines the nine types of career failures, and shows you how to turn them to your advantage. Explores the option of self-employment—is it right for you?
Provides 25 case studies of people who found job satisfaction.

Love Your Work and Success Will Follow is an essential book for anyone interested in job satisfaction—regardless of your age, profession, or level of experience.  Click here to get Love Your Work and Success Will Follow: A Practical Guide to Achieving Total Career Satisfaction (National Business Employment Weekly Career Guides)