Career Counseling

Are you trying to figure out how to make smart career choices? Are you stuck in a series of entry level jobs and going nowhere? Do you want to take a successful career to the next level?

Arlene Hirsch helps adults of all ages set career goals. Arlene can help you make career development happen. Determine what’s important to you. Define realistic goals. Set a plan for implementation.

Schedule an Initial Consultation

Take the 1st step towards career growth and schedule an initial consultation today.

In the initial consultation, a one-hour meeting, Arlene will ask you to walk through your history of career decisions, describe your current situation, and how far you have progressed in terms of thinking about next steps. Based on this information, Arlene will:

  • suggest what information and assistance you need to make and implement a good career decision
  • develop an individualized plan to help you set and achieve your goals

The suggestions and plan may include additional counseling sessions, vocational testing (when appropriate) and job search coaching. Arlene can assist with job search strategy, resume preparation, interviewing, and salary negotiations.  Click here to learn more.

What You Will Take Away from the Session

Each session is sixty minutes. At the end of each hour, you and Arlene will jointly decide on an action point. Action points might include researching a specific profession, writing a resume draft, reading a relevant book. We set our next appointment after allowing you enough time to complete the assignment.

Results Oriented Career Counseling

With Arlene Hirsch, you can expect a results-oriented process that gives you the confidence and skills to make and implement good career decisions.

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