Arlene S. Hirsch, MA, LCPC

Arlene Hirsch. Career Counseling. Vocational Expert. Job Search Expert.A graduate of Northwestern University, Arlene Hirsch is a recognized expert in the field of career psychology. A licensed clinical, professional counselor with experience in career counseling (including job search coaching and vocational assessment) and psychological counseling.

Leveraging a background in psychological counseling, Arlene helps clients identify and understand behaviors that can sabotage or accelerate career growth. In addition to individual career counseling, Arlene is often called upon by divorce attorneys to render expert opinion for vocational forensics.

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She founded Arlene S. Hirsch, a Chicago-based career and psychological counseling firm, in 1983 and is the author of four best-selling career books:

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Arlene has taught career counseling to graduate students at Northwestern University and management courses in the executive MBA program at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management. She also consults to corporate, academic, and professional organizations on workplace matters, organizational development, and leadership development.
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