Building and Leading High-Performing Remote Teams

Arlene S. Hirsch July 15, 2019 Society for Human Resource Management The popularity of remote work is rising fast. Multiple research studies show that employees who are able to skip commuting and work away from the office, whether at home, a coffee shop or somewhere in between, are happier, more productive and less likely to jump ship. But … [Read more...]

Is Conversational Recruiting the Solution to Finding Millennial Talent?

By Arlene Hirsch June 11, 2019 Society for Human Resource Management In a candidate-driven labor market dominated by Millennials, the way companies treat applicants during the hiring process can greatly impact a job seeker's decision to accept or reject an offer. Companies can gain a competitive edge by staying in touch every step of the way, … [Read more...]

Why Hiring Managers’ Expectations for New College Graduates May Be Unrealistic

by Arlene S. Hirsch Society for Human Resource Management April 12, 2019 The employment market for the college Class of 2019 is filled with paradoxes. Employers are hiring at record levels, but their complaints about a skills gap among recent college graduates are widespread. Hiring managers say that many of these new entrants to the workplace … [Read more...]

Knowledge is Best Shared

Nontraditional mentoring programs help companies develop employees by recognizing that everyone can contribute to knowledge-sharing. By Arlene S. Hirsch April 6, 2019 All Things Work Jack Welch pioneered one of the first nontraditional mentoring programs in 1999. The former CEO of General Electric paired 500 top leaders (including himself) … [Read more...]

How to Prepare for Leaders Leaving

All Things Work How to Prepare for Leaders Leaving For small businesses, the retirement crisis could hit especially hard. By Arlene S. Hirsch March 9, 2019 Society for Human Resource Management After working together for 35 years, four equity partners in a boutique New Orleans law firm are preparing to transfer ownership of the … [Read more...]

Creating a Smart Immigration Strategy for the Future

Developing a plan that works for your business starts with knowing your options. By Arlene S. Hirsch Society for Human Resource Management January 19, 2019 Nearly 2.5 million jobs in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields went unfilled in 2018 and millions more will remain open this year, according to the U.S. … [Read more...]

Doing Well by Doing Good

Doing Well by Doing Good Employee volunteer programs boost engagement and retention while serving the broader community. By Arlene S. Hirsch Society for Human Resource Management January 5, 2019 Imagine this recruiting pitch: Come work for us, and you can get paid to spend multiple long weekends a year volunteering at some of the … [Read more...]

Taking Steps to Eliminate Racism in the Workplace

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Working for a Horrible HR Boss

By Arlene S. Hirsch Society for Human Resource Management October 3, 2018 Employees are often encouraged to ask HR for help with a difficult manager. But what happens when that manager is an HR executive? As one beleaguered HR coordinator lamented, "There's no HR for HR." "There's a lot of secrecy or silence when these problems occur in … [Read more...]

Working with People Who Avoid Conflict

Society For Human Resource Management By Arlene S. Hirsch September 12, 2018 The fight or flight instinct: It's an ancient biological survival mechanism that is automatically triggered in the face of a perceived threat. Steve Cohen coined the term "flighters" to describe people who view conflict as a threat to their survival and whose … [Read more...]