Divorce Vocational Evaluation

Divorce Vocational Evaluation

With a long list of publications in books and journals, Arlene Hirsch is a highly credible expert witness in career assessment for family law disputes; including marital dissolution and post divorce settlement.

When an attorney determines a need for divorce vocational assessment, Arlene Hirsch provides expert evaluation. She provides expert opinion and, when needed, testimony regarding a person’s options for employability and returning to work. Her vocational assessment and report can be used to determine or change spousal support obligations.

Divorce vocational evaluation includes:

  • Evaluation of earning capacity
  • Identification of employment options
  • Labor market research
  • Evaluation of adequacy of job search efforts
  • Outline of steps needed to achieve a vocational goal

Divorce Vocational Evaluation in Family Law

Divorce vocational evaluation can be useful in cases of marital dissolution and post-divorce conflicts to assess employment capabilities and wage earnings rank.

Vocational evaluations can also be used in collaborative family law cases. As part of the collaborative law team, Arlene Hirsch can facilitate a vocational planning process that enables a non-working or low-earning client to make realistic choices.

Arlene Hirsch Provides Expert Divorce Vocational Evaluation

Do you require vocational evaluation for marital dissolution or post divorce?  Attorneys who require evaluation of an underemployed or unemployed spouse can contact Arlene Hirsch to conduct a vocational evaluation. Arlene will send a Vocational Questionnaire to be filled out by the person to be evaluated and then schedule an in person interview. Post- interview, Arlene will conduct independent research and compile a Vocational Report.

Expert Witness Testimony for Divorce Vocational Evaluation

Arlene Hirsch is an expert witness in divorce vocational evaluation. She is available to testify at deposition or trial. Arlene is recognized as an expert in career counseling and coaching and has as delivered presentations on career issues to the American Bar Association. She is a regular contributor to CareerJournal, a Wall Street Journal internet publication, and has published four bestselling books on career and vocational counseling. Arlene is committed to answering to the needs of her clients with the highest standard of professionalism.

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