Better Job Search Results

Arlene Hirsch is the author of
Job Search & Career Checklists: 101 Proven Time-saving Checklists to Organize and Plan Your Career Search

When Arlene Hirsch works with you as a Job Search Coach, the focus is on results.

From Planning to Execution

Arlene Hirsch will help you plan and implement an effective job search. This includes developing a job search strategy, assistance with resume preparation, building your interviewing skills, and helping you make decisions about where to focus your job search.

Customized Job Search Strategy

With Arlene Hirsch, job search coaching begins with a solid understanding of your needsyour goals and your qualifications.

Together, you will assess strengths and troubleshoot weaknesses, create and/or improve resumes and cover letters, develop viable networking strategies, prepare for interviews and debrief experiences. The goal is to learn from your experiences to date in order to improve future results.

Bottom Line Results

You can expect to become more effective at job hunting. Better job search skills will typically lead to better job offers.

Arlene Hirsch has a very good track record of helping people land better jobs as a job search coach.  Arlene wants you to succeed.  Your job search success is Arlene’s best credential!

Your Job Search Coach in Chicago

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